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13. Low of Karma

Hypnosis therapy on past life

There is a past world and a future world does exist.

Following are several cases of therapeutics research conducted through hypnosis.

One day in autumn of 1950, Hypnotist Counselor Raymond Bernstein of Pueblo City, Colorado State, U.S.A., hypnotized a middle age woman, Simmons (phonetic). Hypnosis is a tool to help patients remember long-forgotten incidents. Hypnosis therapy is used to relieve one's sufferings by retrogression on their age, such as, “You now have returned to the age of twenty";“now you are seven years old. Through the use of hypnosis therapy, Counselor Bernstein by chance discovered that it could be used to delve into one's past life.

Dr. Bernstein had Ms. Simmons speak about her childhood memories from age 5, and then lowered it to age 3. and to the time of birth while in trance under hypnosis. But, at that instance, Ms Simmons suddenly began to suffer. Being relieved from her suffering, she began to talk about her husband, her neighbors, her place of residence in Cook City, about the cobble stone streets, and a vehicle drawn by two horses. She also revealed that her former name was Bridie (phonetic) Murphy.

Ms. Simmons was born and raised in lowa;Thus, her daily spoken English was typically of Central American accent. However, under hypnosis, her spoken English was of unheard old-fashioned English. She verbalized incomprehensible words that were not even in a dictionary.

Dr. Bernstein of New York Times Life Magazine, a scholar of Colorado University conducted an investigation to confirm Ms. Simmons's revelations. It was proven that the name, Birdie (phonetic) Murphy, was real.

Ms. Murphy was born in 1798 in Cook City, Ireland. Her mother, Catherine, was the wife of Duncan Murphy, a lawyer. She was their daughter. She married Bryant when she was 17 years of age. She died in 1865. That was 59 years before Ms. Simmons was born.

Her descriptions about her surroundings in Cook City were proven to be correct. On the spot, an investigation by philologists of Colorado University revealed that the unheard words like, “Tappans" and “Bairy Cross" (both phonetic spellings). “Tapans" was the name of coin used exclusively in Central lreland. “Bairy Cross" was the name of a small village near Cook City. Ms. Simmons had verbalized dead words that even citizens of Cook City did not use.

Following is a direct quote from several passages from “Many Lives, Many Masters", a book authored by Doctor Brian L. Weiss, a psychiatrist:

“I know that there is a reason for everything. Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.

“I first met Catherine in 1980 when she was twenty-seven years old. She had come to my office seeking help for her anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. Although these symptoms had been with her since childhood, in the recent past they had become much worse. Every day she found herself more emotionally paralyzed and less able to function. She was terrified and understandably depressed.

“For eighteen months I used conventional methods of therapy to help her overcome her symptoms. When nothing seemed to work, I tried hypnosis. In a series of trance states, Catherine recalled “past-life" memories that proved to be the causative factors of her symptoms. She also was able to act as a conduct for information from highly evolved "spirit entities“, and through them she revealed many of the secrets of life and death. In just a few short months, her symptoms disappeared, and she resumed her life, happier and more at peace than ever before.

"This book is my small contribution to the ongoing research in the field of parapsychology, especially the branch dealing with our experiences for birth and after death."

A noteworthy point of Dr. Weiss's book is that he emphasizes that people suffering from illness or troubles in this present world are the causative factors of past world experiences.

Following is a case of Lacy:

Lacy is a high school teacher in her late 40s. For a long period of time, she suffered from Asthma. She also had phobia about water. Probing her past life by hypnosis revealed that when she was eight or nine years old she fell from a cliff and died. Further, she remembered that at age 11 or 12, she was a slave in the Middle East in ancient times. At this time, she was working as a helper to make brick from dried grasses and straws. She died from suffocation by being pinned under a overturned freight car while loading wet straws. While reminiscing about that experience, she talked about her suffering from lack of breath and panicking.

Following is a case of Elaine:

Elaine is a famous psychologist in Miami who suffered from pains in her neck, shoulders, and upper back. And, from childhood she suffered from acrophobia and was fearful of drowning. Under hypnotic trance, she said, “I am always in darkness. It was completely dark. I realized that I was blindfolded. I was looking from the outside. I was standing on a tower. It was a tower on the wall of a stone castle. My hands were tied in the back. I was about 20 year old. I understood that I was a soldier in a lost war. At that time, I felt a severe pain in my back. I became aware that I was clinching my teeth's, my arms were stiff and my hands were clenched. I was stabbed in the back by a spear. I felt it but I did not scream. At the next instance, I felt that I had fallen into a moat". Additionally, Elaine vividly talked about her past life in medieval times. At that time, she was a male. At age 20, he was arrested on a crime he had not committed, and was hanged on the gallows in public.

Men not only are born again and die again. One's various good or bad deeds will cause various consequences in their next life circumstances or bodily structure. These types of past world acts and experiences affecting the next life consequences are known as Karma in Buddhism.

What is the rule of karma?

Our various daily behaviors or experiences will in time disappear. The actions and experiences of seeing a movie, practicing sports, reading a book, will become of the past and will be bygones. However, although there may be some differences in actions and experiences based on individual standards it will cast some kind of consequences on one's soul and bodily development. For example, a certain youth saw Director Akira Kurosawa's movie, “Red Beard". The action of seeing a movie will end within 3 hours, but the impression and excitement received from the movie will remain in his mind and may have an impact on his life. Or, in order to reduce one's weight one will take a walk at a fast pace on a daily basis for an hour to burn out their fat from the body. Walking will also strengthened the feet and hips resulting in improving functions of the internal organs.

Buddhism elucidates that the acts and experiences conducted in this present world will have some consequences in the future world. The energy that crosses over from one life to the next is practice. In other word, it is Karma.

How do our present life experiences and practices affect our life in the future world? The core is transmigration -cycle of birth and death-Arayashiki.

A brief description of soul structural mechanism elucidated by Buddhism follows:

The mechanism of seeing, hearing, to smell, to taste, and to feel by skin hotness and coldness or pain is called the five organs of senses. Through the function of the five senses to recognize and to judge by mind is referred to as the 6th conscious. It is alright to imagine that the 6th conscious is your soul to think and feel. Buddhism elucidated that there is a 7th conscious deep within the 6th conscious. It is called Mana Shiki. Modern psychology refers to it as the sub consciousness or the unconscious sphere of the soul. Buddhism maintains that there is a fundamental working sphere of the soul deep within the 7th conscious known as the 8th conscious. This 8th conscious is the core of transmigration and is the kernel continuation of the karma for the next life.

Not remembering daily accounts and experiences of twenty years ago is the 6th conscious. In other words, it is the external soul, but the 8th conscious stores all memories of one entire life span in small details. Patients that recollects their life in the previous world under hypnosis is the result of information that was recorded in the 8th conscious.

The 8th conscious is also referred to as Arayashiki. In ancient Indian word it meant, “To store". The Arayashiki in addition to storing all information on one's actions and experiences changes it into seeds (Shuji). Shuji is a psychological energy that changes one's destiny and builds one's environment in the future world. All of the things one saw, heard, talked about, read about, thought about, becomes seeds and is sowed into the Arayashiki. These seeds become energy and functions in remaking destiny, environment, facial expression, and the external soul.

Furthermore, even though one's body becomes extinct through death, the Arayashiki is eternal.

There are five patterns of cases about manifestation of seeds and transmigration for future life:

a. Past life experiences become bodily evidences (vestige) in this present world.

b. Past life experiences will appear in this present life as bodily handicaps or mental disorders.

c. Past life experiences will eradicate the fearful soul toward special things.

d. Past life experiences wm be repeated in this present world. Similarily, the past life experiences will be repeated in the future world.

e. The skills that were acquired in the past world will be carried over into this present world and displayed.

Experiences in the Past World will leave its mark on the body:

An intense hardship experienced in the past world will leave its mark on the body even after rebirth. It is the example of Ravi Shankar.

Appearing as Bodily Handicaps or Physical Handicaps:

An unfavorable experience in the past world will appear in the form of bodily or physical handicaps in this present world. This is Lacy's case.

Having Fear on Special Things:

An experience of fear in the past world will reappear in the same form in this present world. This is Parmod's case.

Repeating Identical Experiences of the Past World:

Experiences in the past world will be repeated in this present world. Similar human relationships that took place in the past world will be repeated in this present world as in the case of Paulo Lorenz. He stated that he was the rebirth of his elder sister, Emilia, who had committed suicide in October 1921, a year and two months before Paulo's birth. Paulo had also attempted suicide previously on a number of occasions. He finally died by committing suicide by burning himself in September 1966.

Doctor Brian Weiss, who conducted numerous interviews of his patients by means of hypnosis stated:

“Many of my patients under hypnosis recollected various similar patterns of trauma. Among one of them, there is a father and daughter's incestuous relationship that continued for several centuries and is repeated again in this present world. Then there is a pattern of a violent husband in the past world that reappeared as a violent father. There are cases when drinking were the ruin of man in the past world, a similar pattern is taking place in this present world. There is a case of a couple that was on bad terms and killed each other four times in the past world.

Nissen Shonin who founded HBS stated:

"Rivalry never ends in this living world. There are good and bad destinies among parent and children, wife and children, master and student, teachers and friends. By meeting and practicing the religion of the Lotus Sutra evil acts will be altered and stopped. Bad destinies will continue to cling on to human bondage and will not separate between birth and death. But, the religion of HBS eradicates bad destinies through practices."

The Skills acquired in the Past World is demonstrated in this Present World.

What have been studied and learned in the past world will be carried over into this present world and its skills can be demonstrated. This is in the case of Swarnlata.

Delving into the people's past world cannot be accomplished ordinarily, but the following two cases can be considered as an accomplishment of past world memories:

In August 1971, the six years old son, Raymond, of Frank Feritta (phonetic) who resided in Los Angeles, U.S.A., suddenly began to play jazz on the piano. Raymond never touched a piano nor learned to play it before. However, his piano performance was the exact style of pianist, Thomas “Fat" Waller who died in 1945. Raymond is likely to be the rebirth of Waller.

Mozart, a famous musical composer, composed minuet, piano concerto, and sonata musics at age 6. At age 7, he composed a long opera. Mozart was apparently a musical composer in past life. Skills that one learned in his lifetime are carried on to the next life.

From the above examples, it is evident that humans go through the cycle of birth and death and what they have spent in their past life will once again be created into the next environnlent.

Nichiren Shonin stated:“To create practices for the future world various hardships must be undertaken. Past world afflictions gathered will cause various hardships."