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We criticize the war and terrorism.

We cannot be averting eyes to a frightening situation.

There cannot unabashedly be a person if my child is injured.

It is lifted in one's arms only that the child lightly throws the head and rubs the head.

To our regret, children are damaged, and laden all over the world now.

Some days ago, we saw a tragic appearance of the boy of five years old children who had died of the bombing to Iraq.

His father was carrying remains.

Body of boy who came off power.

That boy's small pants were wet.

I wonder whether to have done wet his pants for fear.

I cried bitterly to the too cruel image.

Children are rolled in successive terrorism and the bombing, have gotten wounded.

Children who are put bomb on the presence, threatened, and killed.

It is an appearance of parents and the family who grows dark to grief.

I wonder whether man has forgotten the possibility of man.

I wonder whether man will have been ruled by man's foolishness and fear.

Abhorrence covers and carries out all over the world.

The lost life does not return even if the criminal is abused, the mastermind of terrorism is cursed, and the politician is resented.

Only uncertain information spreads all over the world, and no one understands what is true.

The felt world as appearing and disappearing of the desire on the other side of the reason for the war, and the support of terrorism by the religion and the belief, etc.

The truth is buried, even the glimpse is not seen, and even the confirmation method is lost.

We are too ignorant, and powerless.

The war is called a political final means.

For people to damage each other, and to evade the war by which one another is killed, all political efforts are requested.

The myriad plan might be exhausted, and select the war by the nation.

In it, the high risk, frightening action.

However, grounds of the preemptive strike are also vague. Terrorism and attack being done without making an effort completely does not collect regrettably.

We criticize all the wars, terrorisms, and the attacks repeatedly.

It is necessary to stop a foolish act right now.

Moreover, we think whether "God" which the religion of the world-biggest class respects has affirmed such a war.

Bible where beautiful, gentle word exists, too.

However, I think whether there is dangerous DNA in the Bible, for the peaceful world .

Soldiers are supported by the belief.

All nations had cut god's name to soldiers' buckle, cigarette case, flask and brassards.

A certain person lived, a certain person died, a certain person won, and a certain person was defeated.

I wonder what having learnt in two hateful great wars of the 20th century was.

We criticize all the wars, terrorisms, and the attacks.

Abhorrence will be amplified in addition if such an act is repeated, and sadness extend all over the world.

If we make a mistake in the method, hope "Peace visits" is a mere fantasy.

Our country (Including it is and us) might be participating in the game which cannot be droped out of the game.

If we request peace, our lifestyle has the possibility to worsen.

We might have even the possibility that toilet paper cannot be used.

However, even if my child gets wounded, and my family is killed, can we say, "I want it"?

For us, the resolution is requested one by one.

There might be a political discussion a lot.

However, it is necessary to stop a foolish war and the attack anyway now.

Please request the answer to True Buddhism.

Buddha is clearly answered. True Buddhism is needed by people and a chair only now.

True Buddhism is needed by people only now.

Even if they are supported by what belief, we criticize all the wars, terrorisms, and the attacks.


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"Buddha's adage"
Rest will not be obtained if a grudge is returned by grudge.
A grudge can be stopped by bearing.
This is named "Buddha's law."